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KODAK GRAPHIC ARTS Division has discontinued supplying analog film and chemistry to the graphics industry. The two most often used Kodak chemicals are RA 2000 DEVELOPER and RA 3000 FIXER. These chemicals can be replaced with CLAYTON RAD 5 DEVELOPER and LITHMATIC FIXER.

While CLAYTON RAD 5 DEVELOPER dilutes the same as Kodak RA 2000 Developer, CLAYTON LITHMATIC FIXER does have a 20% dilution advantage over the Kodak RA 3000 Fixer.

RAD 5 DEVELOPER is a premium single part developer for processing rapid access films and papers, color separations, pan masking, laser scanner, duplicating films and papers in replenished systems. RAD 5 works at a significantly lower temperatures resulting in shorter warm up time and longer life. RAD 5 DEVELOPER can be used to process both rapid access films and emulsion enhanced (HARD DOT) films.

liquid concentrate is designed for rapid fixing of all types of films and papers. Because of its high capacity, non-corrosive formula and excellent buffering action against developer carry over; it surpasses the exacting requirements of automatic processing and electrolytic silver recovery systems. LITHMATIC FIXER & REPLENISHER’S precipitate free formula minimizes chemical build up.

Hardener is packaged separately.

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